Acknowledging Liposuction Costs



Liposuction Costs

Acknowledging Liposuction CostsWhen making the decision to have liposuction surgery, it is important to take the time to research both liposuction costs as well as procedures. These are important ingredients when it comes to the decision-making process. Generally, there is a wide fee variation among doctors that can also be influenced by geographical location.

A few factors such as, the area of the body treated, how much fat will be removed, which method you are using and how many areas of the body are being treated are all determined in liposuction costs.

If you plan to have more than a one area of your body treated, the cost of liposuction may be significantly less than if you were to have one area treated at a time. Doctors usually have reduced prices for liposuction when dealing with multiple areas of the body.

Along with the surgery itself there are usually other costs that can include; facility fees, liposuction garments worn after surgery, blood test fees, prescriptions and laboratory tests. During your consultation with your surgeon you should ask about these other costs to be clear about a complete price.

Liposuction Surgery Time
The amount of time liposuction surgery can take varies on how much fat has to be removed. Usually the longer the surgery takes, the higher the cost of liposuction is.

Liposuction surgery time is usually longer for men than for women due to the following reasons:

  • The fat in men tends to be more fibrous and tougher making it more difficult to remove.
  • Men tend to be larger than women taking longer to remove the fat.

Surgical areas and Techniques
When determining what area you want treated, be clear on how the area is measured to calculate liposuction costs. Liposuction treatment on your abdomen is usually counted as two areas. The upper abdomen, counted as one area and the lower abdomen, the second. The waist and hips are also considered separate areas. The lateral ("saddlebag," or "outer thigh"), front (anterior), back (posterior), and inside (medial) thighs can all be large areas and are also counted separately.



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